Superman vs. Captain America: Which Hero is Stronger?

Superman vs. Captain America Which Hero is Stronger 00

There are many strong superheroes, but Superman and Captain America are two of the brawniest superheroes that immediately come to mind. Since they’re from two different comic worlds, it’s likely that the two would never cross paths. But if they did, out of the two, who would be the strongest?

Between the two superheroes, Superman is stronger than Captain America. Cap has his indestructible armor and shield, and he is significantly stronger than normal humans. However, Superman has superhuman powers and superstrength. 

In this article, I will identify the strengths and advantages of both Superman and Captain America and what makes them strong. Then I will compare the two to determine who is the strongest.  

Who is Superman?

Superman vs. Captain America: Which Hero is Stronger?

Superman’s real name is Kal-El, and he was born on the planet Krypton. He was sent to Earth by his birth parents shortly before Krypton self-destructed. 

He was discovered in his ship in the field of a small country town by Jonathan and Martha Kent. They raised him like a son and named him Clark Kent. 

How Strong is Superman?

On Krypton, Kal-El was normal. He may not have even been the most powerful being on that planet. But because of the difference in gravitational force between his planet and Earth, he developed superhuman powers. He can maintain his powers and possibly make them more robust by absorbing sunlight. 

These powers include running and flying faster than the speed of light, shooting heat beams from his eyes, freezing things with his breath, and jumping over tall buildings in just one leap. He also has X-ray vision, super hearing, and superstrength. 

Just how strong is Superman, you may ask? He can lift around 2 billion tons. He can pick up buildings and heavy machinery as if they weigh nothing. He can stop a locomotive and other large, moving objects in their tracks. He also bench-pressed the Earth for five straight days. 

The only thing that can stop Superman, or at least weaken him for a while, is green Kryptonite. Kryptonite is a radioactive piece of his home planet, Krypton. So as long as there isn’t any Kryptonite lying around, Superman is pretty much invincible. 

Who is Captain America?

Superman vs. Captain America: Which Hero is Stronger?

Captain America is a super-soldier and also an emblem of patriotism. Captain America’s birth name is Steve Rogers. Steve was a young man who desperately wanted to join the American Army, but he was too frail.

However, he was selected by Dr. Abraham Erskine for a secret government experiment where he was injected with a special super-soldier serum. The goal of this experiment was to give the USA a secret weapon for World War II. The experiment was successful. 

The super-soldier serum heightened Steve’s strength, agility, stamina, and durability. This is how Steve Rogers became Captain America. As Captain America, with his new abilities, he was able to help America win the war. 

After the war, Captain America was tasked with stopping a Nazi launched drone plane. He was able to stop it by causing it to crash into the Artic. However, he went down along with the drone. 

Since the super-soldier serum could slow down his aging and help him heal rapidly, Cap survived by being frozen in suspended animation. He awoke 70 years later. 

How Strong Is Captain America?

Captain America is as strong as humanly possible. The super-soldier serum enhanced all of Captain America’s body functions to the absolute peak of human competence. Also, the serum prevents him from getting fatigued, so he has remarkable endurance. 

Cap has the agility of an Olympic-level gymnast. He also has the hand-eye coordination of an Olympic-level marksman. His reflexes and reaction time are so enhanced that he can predict the path of bullets or other objects coming his way and avoid them. 

He can run twice as fast as an average human. Strength wise he can lift and bench-press up to 800 pounds. As far as fighting skills, Cap is skilled in boxing, jiujitsu, judo, marine combat, muay Thai, and just about any other form of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts that you could think of. 

To ensure that he stays in optimal condition for his best performance, he has a daily exercise regimen that includes weight lifting, gymnastics, simulated combat, and aerobics. 

And it’s not just his body that’s strong. Captain America’s uniform is bulletproof, fireproof, and indestructible. His Vibranium shield is also a weapon. Like his uniform, Cap’s shield is resilient and unstoppable. 

Furthermore, Captain America is strong (and worthy) enough to pick up Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. 

Superman vs. Captain America: Who is the Strongest?

Superman vs. Captain America: Which Hero is Stronger?

Superman and Captain America have a lot in common. They are both the personification of good and have high moral standards. They are also both fond of red and blue. They are also both incredibly strong. 

However, one of the two has got to be stronger than the other, and out of these two superheroes, Superman is the strongest. Captain America is stronger than the average human, almost to the point of superhuman strength. But, Superman is not human, so he does have superhuman strength. 

With his enhanced abilities, Captain America can do a lot and would be able to hold his own with Superman for quite some time. After all, his shield is pretty large and heavy, and he can chunk it like a frisbee. And let’s not forget about Mjolnir. 

But while Cap can lift an impressive amount of weight, Superman can lift tons. And not just lift; he can hurl these objects as well. 

Also, he does not need an indestructible suit as Captain America has. Superman’s body is made up of Kryptonian bone, which is invincible. Moreover, he does not need to keep up a diligent exercise routine daily as Cap does. As long as the sun is shining, he can fly up to the sun for a quick power boost. 

At the end of the day, Superman is stronger than Captain America, unless Cap has a hidden stash of Kryptonite somewhere.