Watch Albanian TV in the USA and Canada

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Accessing a plethora of content from the comfort of your couch has never been easier. While prominent platforms like Netflix and Hulu keep being admired by thousands of viewers, there is a significant surge in the popularity of platforms focusing on niche content. Today, we would like to introduce you to TVALB.

TVALB’s primary purpose is to serve the Albanian community residing in the USA and Canada by providing access to live Albanian TV

Albanian TV in the USA and Canada

TVALB is an Albanian TV platform offering plenty of content for diverse interests. It was specifically created to broadcast channels originally aired in Albania, Kosova, and Montenegro. As a result, Albanian viewers living in the USA and Canada can feel connected to their native land. 

TVALB has a rich content library

The TVALB’s content library includes over 250 Albanian TV channels, TV programs from the following platforms:

Artmotion: A Kosovo cable operator that distributes European sports leagues, channels for children, diverse documentaries, and TV shows. 

Tring: A broadcaster offering channels for families and sports enthusiasts.

Kujtesa: A Kosovo provider delivering sports programs. 

One of the programs that grabs viewers’ attention on TVALB is “Big Brother VIP.” It is a reality show about twelve celebrities who live together in isolation, competing for a cash prize. Each week, one of the contestants leaves the house based on a public vote until one winner remains. The new season is already on air. 

TVALB users can also enjoy programs from Italy, Turkey, and Germany in the USA and Canada.  

TVALB is convenient to use

One of the key advantages of TVALB is its convenience. It provides various content formats, including video-on-demand (VOD), radio services, and catch-up TV. In case a viewer cannot make it in time, a catch-up feature allows them to watch a program later. 

Furthermore, the service operates across multiple devices and platforms. If necessary, viewers get set-top boxes with Wi-Fi to watch Albanian TV on Smart TVs, iOS, and Android OS.

The available device set depends on the package selected. Viewers can opt for a family plan that includes three devices or an individual plan that gives access to content on a mobile phone. 

TVALB often offers sales and discounts on its plans, allowing viewers to acquire its abundant content assortment at a lower price for one, six, or twelve months. 

Now, the platform provides a special offer for an annual subscription. The package for an individual requires $5,99, while a family subscription is available for $16,58 a month. 

Final Thoughts

90% of Albanians currently living in the USA and Canada choose TVALB to watch their native television or get access to other programs on the platform. The vast content collection will allow every viewer to find a show to enjoy in the evening. In case of issues, the support team will provide a solution as soon as possible.