Which Old Movies Are Being Remade in 2023?

Babe Comes Home

Movie remakes, reimaginations, adaptations, and other adverbs still lead to one destination – a different version of the original story. This has become a big business, where filmmakers go ahead to produce a modern version of the tales we have come to love on television. This is not new, as it follows a 100-year-old tradition. While a few have been instant hits, others have failed to meet expectations. This post discusses some movies that will be remade in 2023. Let’s go down memory road, shall we?

“Movie remakes offer new perspectives, rejuvenate beloved stories, revive nostalgic memories, and bring fresh interpretations to modern audiences.” – Joshua Cramer

Why Is Hollywood Making Retro Remakes?

Many questions have arisen from this tradition, most particularly why the growing interest of Hollywood in doing retro movie remakes. Most critics wonder why the big film studios and scriptwriters return to the classics and try to redo them into modern versions. 

There are several means to consider this. Coming from the consumer’s perspective, the feeling of nostalgia is almost irreplaceable. This can be relative to the exciting experience of playing casino games online. Different sites that SoCanadianCasino reviews provide titles that allow players to relive the experience of land-based gambling floors. The ambiance of an offline gaming venue is almost priceless, which is how most viewers of the classics feel. This cuts across all movie genres, especially comedy, action, thriller, and fantasy/magical. 

On the part of film studios, the financial gain is impressive. Producers can cut down on budgeting for a scriptwriter to provide an original story and hunt for characters. Instead, they can go to the actors and actresses of the classic film and only discuss adjustments to the script to meet modern standards. 

There are still other factors of demand, but it revolves around how the viewers will react to the film. Movies with strong public approval may do numbers with the right publicity. Most critics claim Hollywood is only after the money. While this may have some truth, the viewers’ acceptance also plays a huge role. After all, if the film does not get the hype, no one will spend money to watch it. 

From Cinderella to Harry Potter

Emma Watson, one of the top stars from the classic Harry Potter, was billed to perform as an actor in the romantic thriller Cinderella. Although the budding 22-year-old actress declined the role due to grueling schedules, it’s great that the filmmakers considered some familiar faces in the remake. Besides the famous British Harry Potter player, other stars will still be in the cast. 

Is It Potential and Profitable

Most analysts ask a common question: what potential and gain do movie remakes carry? From the beginning of 2019, Hollywood has pumped over $700 million into this sector, according to statistics. A major aim is the hope the viewing audience accepts a remix of the original classics. 

Yet, research from a study on 27 movies released in 2014 shows only one-third of these features made more money from their original versions. In addition, they had terrible reviews from critics and the general public. Findings show that the comparison favors the classic releases, especially for box office funds, production amounts, and general comments from professional reviewers and the audience. 

  • Considering inflation, about 63% (17 of the entire 27 under study) of remakes cost more money for production. The average stood at $79 million each. For these films with a more expensive budget, 10 got less revenue, again factoring in inflation issues. 
  • Only 6 of the entire 27 remakes got good audience scores. The rest had bad reviews, with an average of 26 points less. 
  • Professional critics rated 22 out of 27 lower, with an average of 33 points lower. 
  • According to statistics and reviews, the worst remakes were Hellboy and Poltergeist. 
  • The best movie redos with high ratings in the study were Pete’s Dragon and The Jungle Book. 
  • In total, only 10 of the entire 27 movies in review got higher profits than their classic counterparts. On average, they raked in $146.3 million in profit. 

Here are some of the movies that did badly at the office box, including

  • Martyrs (2015) – $867,960.
  • Annie (2014) – $6,493,077.
  • Pet Sematary (2019) – $6,510,739.
  • Point Break (2015) – $13,088,731.
  • Pete’s Dragon (2016) – $13,925,308.
  • Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) – $31,925,308.
  • Endless Love (2014) – $49,904,331.
  • Death Wish (2018) – $62,493,077.
  • Flatliners (2017) – $70,161,169.
  • Hellboy (2019) – $94,086,470.
  • Tomb Raider (2018) – $114,846,011.

While some studies indicate that some remakes did well, this tradition is not giving the right effect. Yes, they may have the potential to bring that nostalgic feeling back to the screens. However, most viewers are okay with referring to the classic versions and not having to watch clipped adaptations. Whether professional critics or the general audience, remakes are unnecessary and should die a natural death. 

Tolerance and Human Rights in Old Movies

Most of the audience who enjoyed the previous version of the movies often relive the regular thrill of the original edition. However, a huge factor revolves around the issue of tolerance on certain issues and major cases of human rights violations. A particular cause of concern is the blatant disregard for different religious beliefs, sexual orientations, and even animal cruelty. 

This includes cases of different racism clauses affecting a particular race based on skin color, ideologies, or otherwise. Others are a direct misinterpretation of religious beliefs, which clearly bring doubts to different people’s understanding. Here are some classics that have been banned. 

  • The Birth of a Nation (1915) – banned for its racist views and display of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).
  • Purity (1916) – banned as a result of the display of nudity.
  • Birth Control (1917) – banned for extreme views on family work, which the court declares can be censored on “morality, decency, and public safety and welfare.”.
  • The Road to Ruin (1928) – banned for its extreme content.
  • Babe Comes Home (1927) – banned because of a child chewing and spitting out tobacco.
  • Party Girl (1930) – banned for the display of prostitution.
  • Ecstasy (1933) – banned due to its erotic display.
  • Scarlet Street (1945) – banned for its sacrilegious, immoral, obscene, and inhuman views. 

What Movies To Expect in 2023?

While we’re not against re-filming other classics, the producers could make better decisions regarding how they offer their viewers. Here are some top remakes to expect as we move into 2023. 

Barbie: This movie that comes with the original cast will hit cinemas soon. However, the script comes with a twist. Barbie is expelled from the Barbieland and decides to venture to the human side, searching for adventure. 

This impressive thriller has kept its loyalists waiting for a modern adaptation. It’s set to hit the theaters on 20th July 2023, with Greta Gerwing as the director. 

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny: The knowledgeable professor lives a quiet life away from civilization. However, he must resume his duty as evil slowly creeps back into the world. Harrison Ford still plays the role often known as the American James Bond. 

This movie is set to be released on 30th June 2023. Like Ford, John Rhys-Davies will retain his role 15 years after the last part. However, Steven Spielberg is not the director who James Mangold replaces. 

The Expendables: This American action movie continues with the tale of an elite group of mercenaries on a mission. Only this time, they will face a much fiercer villain. The cast still includes the impressive Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham. Others to join are 50 Cent, Megan Fox, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and others. This title will emerge in September 2023 as Stallone retains his group leader role. The audience will expect to get the same and more of the action of the last sequel. 

John Wick 4: Now, with a higher price on his head from the high table, John Wick must take the fight to the leaders of the underworld. His quest takes him through Japan, New York, and Paris, fighting for a chance to live a normal life in remembrance of his late wife. 

Keanu Reeves still retains the role as lead actor, and part four of this “Babayega” series promises to be more exciting. The franchise began in 2014, with the last side released in 2019. John Wick 4 aired on March 24, 2023, in cinemas. 


There are several movie remakes that have met the expectations of viewers, especially in adapted creativity. However, others have been unimpressive, raising smaller revenues. Yet, this 100-year-old tradition in Hollywood may not stop, as analysts say it benefits both sides.