The Best Ever Brothers on Screen

The Best Ever Brothers on Screen scaled

Is there anything more heart-warming than the interaction between brothers? Sometimes their love for one another might not be immediately apparent, but family ties run deep, and movie makers know that. It’s probably for this reason that there are so many films that are based around the relationships between brothers. Whether they’re estranged and reunited or have never been apart for more than five minutes, all the dynamics in these brotherly films are so fascinating that we can’t take our eyes off the screen.

Rain Man (1988)

The first spot on the list must go to Rain Man. This classic 80s film tells the story of two brothers, Raymond and Charlie Babbit, played by Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise respectively. Raymond is an autistic man who lives out his days under supervision, as he’s not able to live alone. Charlie owns a car dealership, that has got him into a little financial trouble. Hearing of his father’s sizeable inheritance that his brother Raymond is set to assume, Charlie sets out on a journey to try and convince Raymond to instead give him the money. It’s clear from the outset that the two brothers haven’t spent any time together in a long while, and Raymond doesn’t seem keen to give up the money. 

What next ensues is a road trip that takes them into the casinos of Las Vegas, where Charlie discovers that Raymond has an incredible skill for card counting. The pair take on the big guns at some of the grandest casinos in America, and they win. This film has one of the most famous blackjack scenes in cinema history, that will have you hankering to get to know blackjack rules and hopefully discover your prowess for card counting as well! This pair form an unlikely friendship after years of separation, showing that even the most callous of plans can bring about heart-warming consequences.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993)

This next film is a beautiful portrayal of a brotherly love like no other. The titular character, Gilbert, is played by Johnny Depp and is having a hard time making space for his girlfriend, his brother, and his mother in his life. Whilst this might sound like a simple task, Gilbert’s brother Arnie is severely autistic and his mother incredibly overweight, to the point where neither of them can look after themselves. It’s certainly a complicated family dynamic, but one thing is abundantly clear throughout the film, Gilbert’s love for his brother Arnie will never falter.

If you’re looking for a film that’s at times hilarious with the pair’s hot-headed moments and endless shenanigans, then you’ll love this classic flick. Not only will this film make you laugh though, but it will also make you shed a tear. The relationship between the two brothers shows incredible empathy and understanding for one another, a truly beautiful study of complex relationships.

Step Brothers (2008)

Anybody who hasn’t seen Step Brothers and claims to be a fan of comedy should go and watch it right now. These hilarious noughties favorite tells the story of Brennan Huff and Dale Doback, two brothers who only meet each other when they’re already forty years old. The reason for this is that their parents are getting married and neither Brennan nor Dale are initially very excited about it. Both brothers seem to be stuck in a period of arrested development, believing that they are their parents’ only reason to live. However, the two have to get on when the families merge, resulting in some truly hilarious shenanigans. 

Despite their initial dislike for each other and their considerable age, the two strike up a childlike friendship, getting into all kinds of hilarious capers. This new but unbreakable bond that they forge just goes to show that stepbrothers can have just as much love for one another as biological siblings, and certainly get up to just as much mischief.

Stuart Little (1999)

Just sneaking into the 90s, this adorable family favorite tells the story of a mouse that comes to live with the little family. Just as in Step Brothers, it initially seems as though the blending of families might be a little bit tricky for son George, but it isn’t long before Stuart, the mouse, wins him over. 

The family decides that despite George and Stuart’s newfound closeness, it might be best for Stuart to go and live with his own parents, as life in the human world can be tricky to navigate for a mouse. Together the boys set out on this adventure to reunite Stuart with his own kind, but on the way, they explore their love for all kinds of different hobbies and get into more than their fair share of trouble. Despite their obvious differences this brotherly bond between human and mouse shows that love knows no bounds, not even differentiating between species.